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Grow In Connection With Yourself

My guides have told me, teach what you know and what we know is what we've learned from our experience, we learn from books, we learn from others. And when we learn, one of the best gifts we can give is to turn around and teach that to someone else. Raise someone up with us. Everyone can be your teacher. Everyone knows something you don't. What you are ready to learn, Spirit will put in your path and you can choose whether to take that lesson or not. Lessons are about growth. Whether it's physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. There's always growth in some way. 


Why not grow in your connection with yourself? Your connection with a higher power that is in the love that you are. The love of The Divine, God, Source, The Universe, whatever you call it, shines on you every moment of every moment. It is you. You are so deserving. You are worth it and there's no reason why you can not feel the unconditional love that is you, that is Spirit. 


Spirit and I are here to help you grow and learn within yourself. You have all the answers but sometimes we need to be pointed in the right direction. Guided in a direction that will help us move. Spirit will not tell you what to do, only guide you. It is always your choice for you have free will. Your choice to make different decisions, to see things differently, to accept yourself unconditionally. I've been there. I've lived it. I have learned this and I am grateful to help you on your journey. Namaste 🙏🏻❤