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What's Going On With Your Inner World?

I love how Spirit guides me on my path. As I received a random question from a friend - "What's going on with your inner world?" It was a question that at first I thought was on the surface but after reflection, I realized it was a question of depth. And actually I should have known that by whom the question was from. After, a long response, I typed two additional sentences and there was the answer -

"I've gained more love and joy in my connection with God, The Divine, Source and I'm bringing that forth and sharing it. It's such a beautiful energy to be in."

There it was, so simple. Which I've learned is how guidance is given - it's not complicated, the answers are of simplicity.

To guide me further, to make sure I was "getting" the guidance, I, within minutes, received the quote above from a beautiful soul. "New Day, New Hope, Good Morning." One not expected but appreciated. To show you how my Guides have humor, I received this at 2:35 am. I was up, jotting words down and the timing was perfect. To me, that quote is a reminder that there is always hope and today is a new hope for a new understanding - one of depth and clarity.

To take my guidance one step further, I was shown a channeled message I received from my Guides on February 19, 2016. Reminding me of the teachings I've already been given. Maybe at the time I channeled this, I didn't fully understand it as I do in this moment. Here is the channeled message:

"Oh Dear One, you analyze ever so deeply. Allow the release, the opening up to your own love and that of The Divine to sink in, to just resonate, to embody love. You are one to want action immediately and also, at times you need to utilize patience. In that rest period we like to ask you to bask, dwell, be in love of self. Love of The Divine, for this is all there is. Life, your life, revolves around this. You are love, you radiate love, you attract love in all forms. Yes, love is not what one is taught for that at times has restrictions, conditions, nor is love about what is shown in a movie. Love is felt, it is the lack of judgement, it is seeing, feeling the deep connection for yourself, for another without justification, it's knowing the soul you see is a part of you. It is not based on choice, it is seeing the soul, not the mind, not the action. It is felt. When one can feel that for oneself - the beauty, the joy, the compassion, then one more easily can see it in another. Thus releasing judgment, conditions, needs."

And there it was. My deeper understanding. As I reflected on all this guidance given to me I smiled and felt the deep knowing that this is my path, the deeper thing behind it. It's the connection with The Divine, feeling the love and joy of Source. With this underlying connection and knowing all is possible. The connection of who and what I am. It's more then what the Bible tells you or what any other document directs you to be. It's the feeling, the trust, the belief, the understanding, the connection of all that is.

If one can release control, get out of their head and all the things they believe are lacking and are wrong, if one can get to the point, the moments of this feeling, this energy, one will see life flows.  That desires come from the heart, all is truly possible and received.

Thus, I ask you today, what is going on with your inner world?

I wish you much love and many blessings today and everyday! Namaste