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How did I get here?  Restricted in my movements with a burned foot.  As the days have gone by I become less focused on the story and all the choices that led me to this point and more to the teachings of it all.  

As I have done more and more inner work the questions of why did this happen to me have receded to why is this happening for me?  What teachings am I to learn?  How can I grow through this?  I know if I focus on any victimization I loose the true understanding of this experience and so I go deeper.  I step back and observe.

I am reminded by a dear friend that in our spiritual work we let go, experience micro deaths, feel pain and we grow from within.  And then, we emerge like a phoenix rising from the fire.  Here we are reminded of why we do this work and no words can do this feeling justice.  This is why I and you are alive.  To open ourselves to who and what we are.

Maybe I'm inconvenienced for a few weeks but being forced to sit still and open is the best gift I could have received right now.  For changes are upon me and I've been given the gift of seeing my life from a different perspective.  One of even more surrender.  

This path is not easy but it is rewarding.  It truly isn't about anything but how I and you live the life we have.  You can continue in all your stories but they will not change unless you do.  Go inward and discover who you are beyond what you've been told and taught.  Beyond all the lacking you think you have.  For I have been there.  Believing life was happening to me.  That I had to struggle and had to fight for what I thought would make me happy.  And what I have found that makes me the most happiest is being me.  I tried to change that, believe me.  I tried to be and obtain what others said but that left me empty and unfulfilled.  

Discover you.  At least inquire what that even means to you.  Is it ruled by others or from deep within? 

Love and blessings,