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Being Real Are You?

· self love,channel,psychic,clairvoyant

This is me.

I can tell you all the things wrong with this picture. My lazy eye that I don’t understand, my crooked smile and tooth, the added weight I haven’t befriended. My crazy hair that hasn’t been colored in a year. But I can also look deeper and tell you my smile is authentic, I laugh just because and my light shines brightly from within. That I have arrived at this picture being more me then ever before. That I have found acceptance in my connection with the unseen and that I refuse to hide that part of me anymore.

Yes, I have the power to change anything about me and my life because I’ve shown myself I can. So I withdraw my judgments and see the beauty in all that I am. I am more then this hair, smile and teeth. I am so much more and I know because I have tapped into it. So I see it as there is nothing to fix about me or you. There is only new perspectives to understand. New adventures to have.

When we have the mentality of needing to fix something we don’t listen to our inner world with nurture and care instead it’s as if we put on our armor and grab our weapon of attack. This is why it doesn’t work or only lasts a short period of time. There is nothing to fix only gaining the clarity and awareness that you are so much more then what you are seeing or focusing on.

Will I color my hair, yes, will I lose these extra pounds, yes. Will I fix my tooth maybe. But my smile and my eye remind me who I am. Me and that is enough.

I invite you to write down all the self judgements you have. Perhaps review why you have them. What are you seeking that you feel changing your external will help? Love, acceptance, value, the number of likes or followers? Well love those are only temporary for if you are seeking to obtain love, value or importance they will only be a temporary fix for you are being invited to discover that for yourself from yourself.

New eyes beautiful one. I’m not saying fluff over this because it can be some hard shit. I’m not saying start saying mantras when you don’t feel them. That’s like a band aide hoping to gain something energetically you aren’t aligned with.

Who are you under all the pursuits, gaines and pains? Who are you and why are you here? You can’t answer these questions by fixating on your outside world of materialism and facades. You can only understand them when you inquire within.

Much love and many blessings to you beautiful one.