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It Really Is Within You

2020 has been a year for me to deep dive into myself. How about you? To understand this life, why we are here, our processes, my processes and my connection to the Spirit world.

I do believe we know from the get go what we are here to uncover. We may not understand or know the plan but we are pulled in the directions. Even if we come from a family that tells us how to live, what to believe, what work we'll do, we are still pulled. These are the things that interest us and we don't know why. The things that seem familiar and open easily as we apply ourselves and get out of our own way. The things that invite us to explore more. The things that don't make logical sense perhaps.

For me from an early age I ooh'd and ahh'd at psychics and people that could connect to the unseen. I never understood why I couldn't be like them or wondered why I wasn't. If I would have known what I do now I would have asked more questions, dug deeper about this fascination I had. I would have also noticed how I was already connecting with my claircognizance and clairsentience abilities. But alas, it didn't look like what I thought it should so instead I kept oohing at something outside of me.

Of course everything is in Divine Timing. There is a plan. I had to go through, experience many things until I got to the point of what else. It was at that point I opened to more, to be shown more, to understand more. I looked up from my victimizations, my save me's and I let the teachings in. It hasn't been easy, no. For some things are hard to look at about ourselves but when we gain clarity we can quickly move past any judgements or fears.

The understanding of we already know ourselves is true as we travel forward. For there isn't just one thing to uncover. No. We have such beautiful depth to open. The treasures within ourselves. We only need to get out of the way, past the stories of wounds, to be shown who we truly are. Deeper and deeper we can go if we choose.

Spirit has told me from the beginning that I can see the soul. I can connect to the soul and communicate. This has always resonated with me. Thus it was my job not to view this as a problem to solve but to allow myself to be shown how this looks and feels to me. And as I've learned over and over it's never what I imagine. It's always so much more.

They say you already have the answers within and you do. It just takes some effort to get out of the way and allow yourself to be shown. The challenge I believe is the human part of us....getting out of our own way to go inward not outward.

I see so easily the bigger perspectives with everything. It's amazing and wonderful and an honor and also has asked me to be patient. So I hold space as Spirit and I light the way and we walk with you through your own processes so you see what I see. All the light, the openness, the desires, the freedoms, the magic around you, in front of you, that is you.

I wish you much love and many blessings beautiful one.

I am honored to share my thoughts with you.