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Have you ever heard the saying "happiness comes from within?"  Do you understand what that means? 
If we seek happiness from outside of ourselves in order to complete us and that thing is removed from our lives, then what?  We're left feeling empty, alone and unhappy.
What do you need to forgive, let go of and or overcome in order to be happy?  What is in you that needs to be accepted, healed and released by you, in order for you to be whole?
Once you release, work through any issues, you'll change.  You will no longer need an outside source to complete you.  Your choices will change and what you attract will be for the better. 
It's not what someone else can do for you.  It's what you can do for yourself. 
Yes, it takes YOU to do the work, however having an inside scoop from Spirit, from YOUR GUIDES to help you is an amazing gift!
Step forward, own it, don't place judgment and allow the change to occur.  True, it's not easy to work through these things that have been shoved deep down so they are not felt.  But it's worth it!
Just think how enlightening, how much better, lighter you will feel once you work through, release the shadows and step into YOU.
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In Love and Gratitude,
Susan and the Guides