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Have you ever asked yourself, why am I here?  Or are you okay with the day in day out routine and how you're taught to live?  You're born, go to school, get a job, have a family, retire and then you die.  Maybe not in that order, maybe not all those things, but you get my drift. 
I didn't really fit in that schedule because I knew deep down it wasn't for me.  Sure, I tried to make it work.  I tried to fit the mold.  However, I broke mine.  How's yours holding up? 
I knew deep down there was more for me.  I'm here to do more, to help others, to find that connection with Source, my Creator, God that was lacking.  Yes, I knew there was more then what I felt and what I knew. 
I've found that connection.  I've found my path.  The unique path.  The one of a kind path.  Have you found yours?
Teachers are so important in life.  Not just the ones that stand in the front of a class, but the ones that are in our daily lives - the good ones and the not so good ones.  The ones we seek out and the ones we don't seek that still give us wisdom.  Without teachers how do we continue to learn? 
We all deserve happiness in our lives and yes we all define that differently.  My happiness is being connected to my Creator, to my Guides.  Feeling the unconditional love from them and being able to pass  that on to others.  What is your happiness?  Have you found it?   
I'd love to hear about it.
In Love and Gratitude Always,
Susan and the Guides