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How Will You Choose To Be Today?

I choose to be happy...

Well it's Monday....again. I could look at this two ways - there's a positive view and a negative one.

When I think about dreading Monday, I feel heavy, no happiness, no excitement, my motivation is lacking and I don't even feel like smiling. What do you think that does for your energy?

If you believe the premise that what you put out you get back, thoughts become things, then that's what you'll get. More unhappiness. You don't allow yourself anything new and good to come in because you're too busy in the ugh Monday thoughts and feelings.

So what if I think about Monday being a spanking brand new day, a day of what excitement can come my way, the awe of a new day, the happiness to see friends and loved ones, new excitement, then I can feel my energy "lighten." I smile easily, I want to get off my butt and do something and I feel happy. Thus, I invite wonderful things to come in.

Do you think you'd be drawn to a downer person or the happier one more? Which one would you prefer to be around? Honestly.

I understand we have disappoints, worry, stress etc. however, that doesn't mean we have to dwell in those feelings. Does it?

Let me give you an example and remember EVERYTHING is energy. If I worried about having a lack of money and that's where my thoughts always went, that's the energy I continually put out, why would more money what to come my way? I wouldn't be attracting more money I'd be repelling it. Do you get that?

It's not easy to stop worrying, to stop being in fear mode so you ask, how the heck Susan, do I change my thoughts and how I feel, how can I even think about being happy when I can't pay my rent next week? Well that's a great question and thanks for asking it.

First, you need to be willing to change and want to get out of that fear, worry mode. Nothing changes unless you want it to.  Then find something to be happy about - your kids, you have a car to drive, a picture, someplace you've visited - dwell on something else that makes you happy, anything and it doesn't have to be a big thing. Sit in that feeling for a moment. Feel how your vibration, your energy changes, the weight lifts from you. As you do this more, your energy and vibration will change. This in turn will change your choices and how you think. Don't you think if you came from a more balanced mode instead of a fear mode more you'd be able to see other solutions for your issues? Why? Because you aren't stuck in a tunnel vision anymore, you've opened yourself up to receive other options.

The Guides, Spirit and I can help guide you in this process with information, techniques, clarity, whatever you need to help you, YOUR Guide team will give YOU want you need.

You have free will, free choice. How will you choose to be today?

In Love and Gratitude Always,
Susan and the Guides