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How I Started My Spiritual Journey

As far as I can remember I've always been in "awe" of psychics / mediums - those that could connect to Spirit.  In looking back, I see the remembrance of what I am, who I am, was there.  I only doubted and really didn't believe I was that too.
The very first intuitive counselor I saw was Tony LeRoy, a friend of my brothers.   You may know Tony from Dr. Oz or other media sources.  Back then he recorded the readings on a cassette player. Ha!  Yes, I am dating he and I.   Anyway, I remember being so fascinated with his connection; what came through him so naturally.  However, I had already dismissed that I could not do what he did, therefore, over the years I had many sessions with Tony and others.  It wasn't until I was ready that I could hear that something which told me to go explore, my gut, a feeling, my soul saying it's time, that I did. 
I followed this feeling and had a soul retrieval session with Mara Clear Spring, a Shamanic Practitioner.  This was enlightening and helped me think and pursue who I am further. 
In hindsight, I had to be ready for all this to come in.  I had to be ready to allow the growth and the remembrance of who I am.  So I slowly started my exploration.  I did Shamanic training, got attuned to Reiki, took channeling and other classes and experienced different healings in order to explore, understand and know what resonated with me and what didn't.  I had to remember who I am.
As I look back, I realize I have been a psychic medium all my life - well of course - but I didn't understand any of it nor was I ready to step into that role.  Being empathic, intuitive and having a knowing was part of me, however not understanding it made me think that everyone has this and at other times, maybe I am really different.  I didn't have the ability then to grasp and accept and know that I am a psychic / medium, I am a channel and most importantly I didn't feel worthy of being any of these. 
I understand now that I had to grow and learn quite a few lessons before discovering this part of me. The part that easily connects with Spirit.  I needed to be able to stand firmly in who I am and for that matter what I believe so I may help others do the same.  
I allowed my path to call me and I responded.  Will you?    
The Guides and I are here to partner with you, to help you achieve clarity, understanding, guidance and growth.  Are you ready? 
In Love and Gratitude,
Susan and the Guides
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