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The more I travel this path the more layers I see and understand. Where I once learned about energy as a duality of black and white, good and bad, darkness and light I now see it isn’t so cut and dry.

Energy blends.

There is no box. It is like a rainbow’s colors that bleed together. And as I learn and understand this more and more it becomes clearer that we are all interwoven.

We learn about chakras or energy centers but they too do not sit in isolated boxes. No, they merge and connect supporting our wholeness from within.

There is so much mentioned these days about Shamanism. To me it makes sense why I was called to this path to learn. For these teachings comprehend this interweaving, this connection and how to identify, navigate, shift and alter it if necessary. It’s like reading code from everything, being able to distinguish and knowing how to respond or guide.

We all have our unique energy blueprint - how we create, receive and interpret. When we can read our own personal book of life we support ourselves so much more in manifestations, in how we ride the waves, in living our fullest potential and less holding ourselves back.

Step back, observe, learn so you may choose the step from where you have felt anchored for so long.

May you feel the support and deep love along your path,