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How can we with ease and flow experience all we desire if we are constantly looking behind us or pouring our energies into fighting the situations and people we don’t like instead of discovering ways to shift beyond them? Not fight out of them. 

The image is of someone in a physical fight. This person can’t see how to get through. Their concern is survival. We are in this constant state - survival - in some form or another. But the image continues on lifting this fighter above the chaos to see the clear path that is right there. Flow, ease, joy even.  

Many times I have sat in that chaos of survival, many times I have tried to manipulate the narrative to get what I want or thought I needed, many times I didn’t see the how only focusing on the worst of it all. Can you relate? But I was missing other parts of the stories.  

A mathematician will step back to evaluate the numbers and symbols to understand the formula. We forget to step back, pause, take a breath and allow for something else. For our Divine self, the magic to help us. 

You may say I do that. I pray. I meditate.  

Wonderful. I have found the Divine walks with us and if one is stuck in the sight of fight or victimization it can be hard to see how this Source of All Things is helping us. 

So discover your fullness for if you are fighting, struggling, surviving then you are not utilizing your wholeness.  

Go within. That is where your power lies.  

When a mechanic understands how all the moving parts work she can more easily adjust what is needed. You are the mechanic of your own self, your own life. Do you really know how you create? Go beyond what you think you know and look again and again. Discover the wholeness that you are. 

May you always know the beauty that you are.