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Your Mystery

· within,self inquiry,my purpose,is there more to this,courage

We are all solving a mystery of sorts. The mystery of ourselves. This quest or path arises with variances. Some will "hear" the invitation more than others and yet we all feel it. We utilize the tools we have, the beliefs we hold, the teachings we’ve learned, to step to solve this mystery.

It may look like solving a relationship or a job or something material or the answer of who am I, what is my purpose or something else?

This quest is of your essence. The remembrance of who and what you are.  

Yo soy Noqan Kani - here I am, this is me.  

And it is up to you, how you travel with this quest. It is always unfolding. One moment leads to the next. Are you paying attention?  What filters do you use?  Are you present with it?  Do you even care?  What questions are arising from within beyond the surface?  Or are there any?   

I believe we all arrive at a moment in our lives that we step back and look at what’s happening, how we feel, for we know there is more.  

The great discovery of this journey is the self. All the answers of course are within. Are you ready to venture?   

In love and blessings,