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I’ve mentioned energy, feeling it but what the heck am I even talking about?

Honestly I had never even thought about it or even was curious about it until I started uncovering me. As I worked with a teacher one of her offerings was a Reiki energy attunement. Still not knowing what I was being guided to I took her class. At the time I was finding following my inner gps was opening me to All I Am and how I hear, feel, receive and communicate with The Universal wisdom. It was fascinating to me and I couldn’t get enough. Of course I still wanted someone to hand me the life for dummies guide but that wasn’t happening. I had to discover the adventure for myself, how I interpreted it.

When I received my first attunement, it was like someone opened a door and said hello, this is you. I could feel the energy in my hands but at the time I had no idea what was happening. So I followed the guidelines of Reiki and went on to work with three other teachers and receive a Master/Teacher certificate.

The thing is, it wasn’t enough for me and I seem to not like following rules. Lol 😂 they’re confining. Yes, they help us but sometimes they also keep us from knowing ourselves completely. I knew there was more to this understanding and when the student is ready the teacher appears. I then worked with a teacher who helped me take what I had learned to a new level.

Today I understand what I feel not just in my hands but in my body. Your body is energy. As we progress through life, emotions, thoughts, fears, worries, pains that we don’t address or honor or recognize and allow to guide us and get released get pushed within. Thus they start stacking up within us and clogging this opening to All We Are. How do you know you’re clogged? Well, how’s your life experience going? Are you repeating patterns that aren’t serving you, are you caught in drama, do you feel you have lack, are you sick or in pain, are you reactive?

Not everyone who receives an energy attunement will “light up” like I did. I’m pretty sure I chose a life of feeling on all levels to aide this experience. But I do believe everyone can benefit from an energy session. It has many many benefits because it lifts one from one level of vibration to another, it opens your life force energy as some describe. Here’s a link if you want to read about some of the benefits.

Perhaps this helps you. If you have any questions, want to learn more or book an energy session or attunement reach out to me via email at

I love you! Namaste beautiful one 🙏🏻