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Create Your Desires

Trying to break free from the attachments, I imagine my fingers gripping the rail, as if the rest of me is hanging over the grand canyon. However, if this is my journey, my experience these are a facade and all I need to do is let go and allow my feet to be placed where I have asked. The fear creates this illusion like a movie set and like a movie it is made up, created in the mind.

What if it was as if I'm sitting at a sketch pad channeling my desires into the pad of paper. I would imagine first in my head, my feelings, emotions and I would allow the hand to flow bringing the imagery to life so to speak on the paper. If I drew something that doesn't equate to my inner imagery I can change it to something else. I think this is life. We paint the picture with our thoughts, mostly our subconscious thoughts and we believe what we lay out is it, there is no change, but like art it can be changed just like it was created from our essence, that imagination. An artist can only portray the image on paper that comes from within if they feel it, embody it in some way that is how others feel the picture. If I paint a picture with no emotion it is not as well received as one that has the energy of emotion behind it. Thus thoughts you desire with no emotion, no feeling behind it can't evolve, they sit there flat for they do not align with anything.

If you imagine and feel, believe these are aligning thus one places their whole self into this new desire where there are no thoughts or beliefs holding one back as if trying to cross a road but leaving one foot on the curb, one wouldn't go anywhere. It's the same with your desires. Allow yourself to get caught up in the dream. Sit for a moment and imagine what your desire looks like, feels like, smells like. In this space the hows are released because one knows all is possible. Allow your creativity to unravel, go with it, see where your desire takes you in this space. Bask in all the senses given to you in this moment.

This is the energy that is present for you in every moment. It is often not felt because of the looking to the past or future, or the belief one needs to be doing at all times. However, it is here, it never is not. This is you and never is not. You get to choose if you utilize all you're given, this expansiveness or not.

What do you choose?

Namaste beautiful one