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Raise Your Energy

As I was going through some things I came across writing from my grandmother. She was accounting her life, a brief biography and her thoughts. I remember my grandmother a certain way and this read offered a different perspective.

When we raise our vibration this is what occurs. Instead of seeing yourself, another, experiences from an aspect of an emotion or emotions we are offered a new way to see life to understand people, ourselves and experiences so we can learn and expand from them.


When one is stuck in perhaps a story of unworth how can they see anything but that if the people and circumstances help support that emotion. That is why in raising ones vibration one is lifted from that emotion and can then understand more deeply. Not to an aspect of blame but one of clarity and stepping to All They Are. When one resides in and is more aligned in the higher energies in All That They Are there is peace, there is manifestation, there is joy and there is expansiveness.

Namaste beautiful one!