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Don't Forget

As I write, I understand many aren't able to fully digest the wisdom I share, I mean it has taken me years to uncover and stand where I do, from the perspectives I have. To fully embody them and not just say yes I agree. That is the biggest difference I offer to you. To be in these teachings, knowings, intuitions you have and not just file them away. This path takes self effort, courage, love and understanding. Are you ready to journey with me?

As I continue to do my inner work, really uncover who I am, what I am, I am amazed at what I’m shown. Each layer brings me so much depth and clarity.

It’s funny how we forget certain experiences perhaps because they seem so minute in our grand schemes of life or perhaps because those instances don’t support our beliefs we’ve developed.

This picture is rare. I had completely forgotten about the few times my dad interacted with me like this. As I went through his pictures, sorting them as we dwindle his material things down I’m shown or reminded of a time I had pushed away because well it didn’t support the victim mentality I carried for so long. It didn’t support the story I was telling myself of I’m loved through money or my dad shows me love through money and this equates my value.

As I walk my walk I understand the different relationships in my life and what they taught and teach me. I understand our dynamics and each persons own journey and then with mine. But I had forgotten about the simple joy a young Susan had with her dad. Instead I had created beliefs that would label me not valuable or unloveable without misguided parameters.

The thing is I brought this all on. I take full responsibility. It was my interpretations through my experiences that led me to my beliefs. Beliefs I had formed from words, experiences and feelings. What I’ve learned is that all of these weren’t pushing me in a box of fear or of self doubt or lack of self love but inviting me to see my true power. To open to All I Am. To stand more fully in me. To love and value myself as I Am. To me this is the Creator that I Am. Perhaps for you that means something different.

As I continue to do my own inner work I see and am given more clarity for my clients. A guide can only see as clearly as they see themselves. This work, my work fascinates me. Understanding and seeing life so much more grand than our fears and limitations are beautiful gifts to offer another.

What’s the point you ask? Freedom, peace, joy and love. We can create, walk our journeys from our limited perspectives or we can understand, let go, fly and create our life differently. It really is a up to you.

I wish you much love and many blessings.

Aho beautiful one 🙏🏻❤️