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Grandfather San Pedro

I have sat in sacred ceremony with Huachuma or San Pedro cactus four times. This sacred plant is said to have a Grandfather spirit offering us teachings of great compassion and understanding.

Each time I am called into this ceremony it has been of higher guidance one to aide me in showing what I need to know or feel or hear. It has never been something to conquer but to explore within myself and the Grandfather has done this each time.

What is the experience like? It is not a one set experience. Each time I have shown up my experiences have been completely different. The key is to be open and curious. Out of ego and control. Which sounds easy but isn't. For like with any plant medicines or spiritual teachings or cermonies the more you can get out of the way the more you will gain from the experience.

This last ceremony has brought me to the most humbling space I have ever been in. Just when I thought I couldn't go any deeper or further I did. Which shows how we truly aren't limited and when our minds tell us we're done, we don't have any more to learn we really do.

I believe all our experiences here are truly bringing us back to ourselves. The Oneness, the interconnectedness, the love and peace that is at our core. The challenge is releasing what stands in the way of this. We are not our stories. Those merely show us where we are and offer us insight on what to change or not. You have so much power within yourself to create change. If you didn't you wouldn't be here. You are offered this gift of life. What change do you desire? What are you seeking that seems to be like a consistent chase never fully able to grasp? Where are you standing in balance and where do you feel you are not? Look at your life dear one. Look within. Ask yourself what you are truly desiring beyond the materialism, beyond the grasping from the outside world. Go within and discover you. Take this challenge. Journal, dance, sing, sit with Mother Earth and listen to you. The you beyond the words or others.

I love you! You are a gift. I see you, I honor you.

Aho beautiful one.