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Authenticity - The Courage To Be Yourself

Who are you?  Are you authentic or do you live based on someone else's beliefs, what someone else tells you? 
From an early age I allowed people to make choices for me.   Why?  I wanted to be accepted, to fit in, to create peace.  Yes,  I had issues to say the least and we can go into depth about why I allowed this, however here I want to just touch on one part.  I wanted life to be easier so I didn't FEEL so much.  So I didn't think I was a whack job. 
Being an empath and a Libra, for that matter, I craved balance, no friction.  One of the characteristics of an empath is feeling - feeling different emotions physically and mentally - happy, sad, turmoil, etc. I didn't know how to distinguish what belonged to me versus what belonged to someone else.  It has taken me time and teachers to help me understand what was what and how to protect myself, my energy.  Also, how to stand comfortably and confident in this part of me. 
Once you can understand and separate yourself, you'll find it is an amazing gift that allows for more compassion and understanding.
We can uncover so much when we stop judging ourselves, step back, take a deeper look and try to understand who we are.  Seeking teachers and guidance can help with this transformation. 
Yes, some of what we uncover we may not like.  Honestly, it's not easy clearing out the crap we've been taught or learned along the way or even to start making our own choices.  However when we come from a place of love and understanding we CAN make the changes we seek.  We CAN become our authentic selves.
My message - remember you are unique, you are special, you are worthy and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 
In Love and Gratitude,
Susan and the Guides