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What Uncovered About Meditating

I thought  I'd take a moment and let you know what I discovered out about meditating and what works for me. 

We are all different, yes, and for some of us sitting for 20 minutes to meditate just doesn't work.  Heck 5  minutes is hard sometimes.  Our minds are busy.  Our minds have a hard time getting quiet.  Mine sure does. 
When I first started this spiritual journey, meditating was a very difficult task.  I agonized over why I couldn't just sit there and be quiet.  How could I quiet all the mental chatter going on? 
It actually wasn't until I had my birth chart read that I realized I wasn't crazy and this is really how I'm programed, thus the 20 minute sitting in silence wouldn't work for me.   At least not in the beginning. 
During this session, two things were suggested to me.   First, write.  Just write all the thoughts in my head, put them down on paper.  It doesn't matter if they make sense, just write.  Don't judge what comes through, just write.  Clear the mind of some of that clutter. 
The second thing that was suggested was to find something, some activity where my mind can become clear.  Paint, garden, run, play a musical instrument, something where the mind can, in a sense, get immersed in the activity.  This also clears that clutter because you inevitably get focused on the activity.  For me, running helps.  I run alone and even having music blaring in my ears my thoughts get clearer and I "hear" Spirit. 
You may not "hear" anything from doing these but what you will get is a more clear, calm mind.  You'll find the chatter diminishes.  As it diminishes you become more aware of Spirit, of the messages from Spirit.  You become aware of what is your head chatter and what is not.  As you do this more it gets clearer.  Choices, decisions, the peace within grows more and more. 
Mind you these processes were not overnight feats.  It took me a while to get to the point of sitting and listening to Spirit and not my mind clutter.  However, they have helped me get out of my own way.   I still have to do these processes today because this is just how I work, how I'm programmed.  I'm okay with that.  I now understand how I work and I use that information to get to where I want to go.
Try one, if not both, of these for a month see what happens.  Notice the changes within. 
I'd love to hear about it.
In Love and Gratitude Always,
Susan and the Angels
*** The statue depicted in the picture is called Expansion by Paige Bradley.