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Am I Mad?

I’ve died

Watched the mountains move

Spoken and danced with plants, animals, waters and fire

I’ve listened, learned and repeated

I’ve felt deep love from the earth

Held magic in my hands

That pulsated through my body

I converse with what most don’t see, feel or hear

I’m magic

But we all are

Where does one go from here? There is no turning back. I can not unlearn, unsee, unfeel or unhear what I’ve experienced. But then again I don’t wish to.

Am I crazy? A little mad? Perhaps, but it takes a certain crazy to step away from the mundane, the boxes, the crowd. To adventure away from a comfort that doesn’t truly light you up.

It takes courage to pull yourself from the wrekage, to explore the what else.

I invite you into your own little bit of crazy. To step or peek out from the heaviness and explore you, what excites you, who you truly are, where the pull from deep within you leads.

I have lived life in restriction, fear, despair and I have also lived life with love, joy, freedom. There is choice but at times we do not see any.

Follow what lifts you. Follow your inner compass, that nudge within. Step or peek out of your box. You won’t be disappointed.

Love and blessings to you beautiful one

In honor and deep respect