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Babbling on....

At times I sit and write. I write about pain and joy and everything in between. I write to understand, to cleanse, to navigate. I write to at times share for perhaps the words may help another……..

We all have wisdom to offer and perhaps wish to be validated in that wisdom. How many self help courses and guides are there? I place myself in that group as well. We go through our own battles and move through them in order to assist another so perhaps they steer clear of the turmoil we embellished. 
How many hero journeys are presented?  
We all are our own hero’s and if we can help or lift each other then perhaps it will lessen some pains. But at times we can not ignore our journey. The lessons we are here to learn and grow from that inevitably help us all can not be muted or steered from. No, we must walk through them. But if we can do so with the loving support of guides it does ease the transitions. For we are inevitably our own enemy at times. We may point to another but it is really of our own doing. We are creators, here to manifest our own experiences to learn in. Like a self developed video game. Where we are creating the scenes, the supporting cast and we hold the pen to change in some way or keep the same story rolling. It’s the latter part we have forgotten. The part of how we are holding the pen. The key is to know you are sitting at the desk writing your own adventure and anything is possible. Learn to get out of your way. Learn to see and feel life differently. Learn to understand your whys. For if the pen is held with pain or anger or joy or love this will be placed in the scene. 

Love and blessings,