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Who Are You? Why Are You Here?

Wow, I guess it's been a while since I shared my thoughts and those that flow through me from Spirit. The wave of the uncertainty has played havoc within me, maybe you too? We all are being asked to create change - from within and into the world. What's happening now was inevitable. Only a matter of time before the bubble burst. Now... now's the time to shift ourselves of what has been so limiting and open to our expansiveness. The Divine Feminine is being asked to be heard for the Divine Masculine has destroyed enough.

I asked myself today, like most days....Who Am I? Why Am I here?

I watched a man come out of a dumpster after searching for cans. What kind of world do we live in where love, compassion and help is limited? Where we all sit in our own conjured up bubbles and heaven forbid those break? Where judgment is the main topic and the pursuit to stay on top rules?

Isn't it all a facade?

The stories we tell ourselves miss out on our deepest feelings. The parts of us that could help us the most we ignore. We create so we don't feel and we act to control. Or we think we control. We've been taught to control with our minds negating the emotional and energetic bodies that are part of how and what we create as well. Since most aren't fully aligned with ourselves we manifest chaos, drama and pain. We don't listen to our completeness speaking. No we're too busy chasing that dime or the love to save or complete us or that label to wear so proudly. But these are temporary and perhaps the man that digs in the dumpster has more then the man in the mansion. For he has presence, trust, and perhaps more peace with less attachment.

I dream of the world into being where we are all not so closed off but more open with ourselves and each other. We are here to experience so why do most choose to stay in the struggles and pains? Why do most choose to chase what's outside of them instead of uncovering the innate being that they truly are? Why do most accept it's okay to live in heaviness rather than joy?

Step back. It is then you can manifest change. It truly is not about getting the next job or love or label. No. It's about shifting, releasing, understanding within so you construct a different world for yourself and us all and in that you abundantly live what you are here to experience.

Aho beautiful one