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· love,peace,transition,Scotland

Arriving to the beach, I hear the bagpipes play.  I’m immediately curious but also brought to a familiar presence.  

The bagpipes are a symbol of freedom and strength. And today also the aspect of sorrow. The tones carry us forward in spirit and in physical life.  

Today, with further observation I see it is an ode to a life, to honor and respect, to send the spirit along its way.  It is to remember the impact, the connections that we have.  

When I walk back down the beach, it will all be dispersed. Another moment in time come and gone.  

I believe it is how we take the journey forward from this space that is so important.  

I have channeled many transitioned loved ones and yes there are expressions of love and gratitude that are delivered but most often we are asked to celebrate the life, celebrate in the impact and in the positive way that the soul had on us or others. This allows the spirit of the soul to live on. This is not to diminish the plethora of emotions that arrive from within.  But when we can move from the pain, perhaps, we can see how having that soul in our life helped us to be.  

Relationships run a gamut of variances and whether one is deemed good or bad, uplifting or terrifying at some point we are invited into understanding the roles and how we were or are supported in our beingness. Maybe it’s to show ourselves courage or act differently or how to receive the beauty offered. 

But there is always a ripple effect and sometimes we do not give credit for those that have gone, so perhaps take a moment. If we reflected, why was this soul in my life, we may come up with the stresses and the strains. There is purpose for the agreement and we are not belittling any experience or feelings that you have or had but inviting in gratitude for this brief impact you had on your own life.   

Today the spirit of the waters carry’s this soul beyond this physical form, reuniting it with the encompassing All.  

Perhaps there is no literal death or transition in your life but we can all take symbology here. Where are you being invited to find gratitude, what are you needing to release and open to receive?  How are you connected into this life beyond the surface?  

Like the wind we come and go. What are we truly focusing on in our brief journey here?  What are you ready to change?  There is so much more than what you see.  Follow your internal questions of what else is there, notice what arises within and keep going.  

In honor and respect to you beautiful one.