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Our Journey

As I look into the ocean, I see no end. It reminds me of the possibilities I have in this life. They are truly endless and I, myself, hold me back, no one else does. Only my thoughts, my beliefs, my emotions, my self esteem - worth, confidence, etc. If this is what I see for me, do you see this in you as well?  

This fear, doubt, thoughts of lack or of the negative holds us back. Do you see the logic? If they keep us from being in the moment, stuck in the past or in the future they then take us away from the present. For if we were truly engaging in the moment, we would be aware, attentive to the now, what is occurring now, how one feels now, where we can just be. In doing this we release, our body softens releasing the tensions, the grasp on what is lacking or the fear or of control. We must trust that we are here for a purpose, one that stretches farther past the material aspects. One that nurtures our souls and helps others, one that connects us to what we are - the energy of The Divine, God, Source. That unconditional love that we are, it resides in every cell, our every part of our being where we can remember that this earth experience is more then one's stamina or what is obtained materially.

It's about connection to oneself, to The Divine, to others. How one does this is up to them. One may be okay to live a life obtaining all they can on the outside and never searching for completion on the inside. We all end up back at the connection. Spirit shows me that we are rays of light, always connected to The Divine, there is no disconnect. We are each this light, here on earth and how our souls have chosen to experience, connect or be of this light is their choice. And when we are done on earth our ray of light retracts into the grand Source of all.

Spirit and I are here to help you understand those fears, doubts, thoughts of lack and negativities. To help you see the bigger picture. To help you heal and release what you have been holding onto - thoughts, pain, anger, fear, sickness, beliefs that do not serve you or your desires. To help you understand why you keep ending up in unhappy or unhealthy relationships, why the prosperity is lacking, why you are sick all the time, why your job is unfulfilling and how to change all of this.

Our sessions are more then "fortune telling," they are about helping you make changes for you. So you may step out of the old paradigms and into the new. For you, dear one, are the only one that can make the changes, no one else can do it for you. So do you stay where you are in the unhappy, maybe dysfunctional comfort zone or do you step into change? Only you know the answer.

We wish you much love and many blessings today and everyday.