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Today I found myself angry. As I saw it directed at another I quickly stood back and asked what is this showing me? For that other is merely my mirror so I ask from my heart, what am I to learn here?
It's not about that other person, it's about them showing me what I need to address or change within me. For this person is showing me what I'm not happy about which makes me seek the answers to release these old thoughts or beliefs that do not serve me.
Sometimes it's easy to let go of the anger that is boiling inside, other times not so much. This time was hard for me, for it stirred up stuff that really must go and I'm the one to do that, no one can do it for me. So I sought refuge in nature and asked Spirit to help me. And you know what? Spirit did help me in multiple ways through multiple people.
I am grateful to that person that helped me with this. Now I choose to understand and let go, to allow myself to receive the love from me, from The Divine to help me walk forward without this piece of me that was ready to let go. For that is why it was brought to my attention, so I could deal with it and move on.

I ask you, what anger are you holding onto? It's a message. Don't allow it to control you, only, use it as a guide for your own understanding and growth.
Sending you big hugs and much love! You got this!! ❤️🙏🏻