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We ask for something and then maybe are met with restraint. This isn’t a “no” this is the universe showing you what may be in the way of the fullest potential you are praying or intending for. It is not about the other who shows up as a messenger. It is what lies within that is saying hear me, love me, see me, understand me so this part of you can be transmuted to open you to receive the fullest potential. 

See it as a funnel. The top open wide.  You ask for love or money or something else and all that gets poured into the funnel. If you are not holding onto old beliefs, disempowerment agendas or self judgement then that funnel will remain wide open giving you choice for what you are asking. However if any of these are held within seen or not seen they will restrict the funnel to receiving. Thus the tube will get smaller and smaller and what will arrive is minimal for that is what is being allowed through your filters. 

When we can understand our whys we can enhance them or change them or release them. But if we continue to shove our knowings away, ignore our inner guidance then struggle and strain will persist.  

This is YOUR journey here in this life. It may appear painful to understand how you create but it can be even more painful not to receive what your soul is truly asking for.  

What do you wish to say at your death bed?  What do you wish others learned or received from you?  What is your legacy? What impact are you offering? There is a saying ….. “people will not remember what you said but how you made them feel.”  But this first starts with yourself. 

How? Speak or write your story in third person. See what you learn free of judgement and emotion. Talk with a wisdom sharer, one that can see you clearly. Lift yourself by sound or nature or energy or movement.

Love and blessings,