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I'm guided to share myself with you, more so than I usually do. The first and second pic are within about a year of each other. The second pic to me I look unrecognizable as if a stage of life wasn't me. But alas that was the age where I lost my disconnect with me and that little Susan has been in control ever since.
We have a part of us, an inner child, that resides with us all our life. We can nurture, love, take care of, play with her or ignore her needs and when we do the latter she arises, creates situations, body feelings, anything really so we do pay attention. Most of the time though, for me, she got ignored. For I chose to look to the outside world to give her what she needed. That was limiting and temporary. A quick fix if you will.
Our inner world is so valuable - to our health, our well being, our mind, body and soul and really can play a major factor on the events and experiences in our life.
I've been directed to my inner child before, to heal, however I never really made her my priority until recently.
What are you choosing to do? Go inward, heal, nurture, love, play with your inner child. Yours may not be ten and you may not necessarily need to know the exact occurrences to heal. The point is to go within. You have the power to create massive changes within that expands outward.I