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My body has shown me many things, many awarenesses but it wasn’t until I started my self opening and letting go that I understood the feeling of what is called anxiety.

To me this showed itself as discomfort in my gut. Once or twice it shouted at me through my breath or lack there of but mostly through my sacral and solar plexus chakras. When it would arise I would mask the awareness with food or exercise or doing doing doing. Never asking what is this showing me, never giving honor or gratitude to my body for this awareness.

As I started my path inward and released what wasn’t me I started to understand this beautiful gift. Instead of shushing it I listened. What did I hear? This body response occurred when I didn’t speak my truth, when I didn’t feel in control, when I didn’t see an outcome, when turmoil occurred and I hid instead of standing up. It was me telling me to stand in my power, my strength and what I had to contribute or say was valuable. But know it wasn’t easy to take heed of this guidance for I was deep in a place of giving away my power, being a chameleon to not rock any boats.

However now with this new awareness I started to shift. Staying present I could put two and two together when the discomfort arose. Meaning I felt it and I could see the trigger. In this is how I created change. The most important thing I’ve done is love me. I fuel my essence with love and I trust.

For me it was not an overnight transition, it took time and love. One moment at a time, one breath at a time and that was enough.

I love you! Namaste beautiful one 🙏🏻