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I have had many teachers invite me to simply be who I am. But because I spent most of my life seeking to be told who I was I didn’t know where to start. How do I be me when I’ve worn other’s clothing?  How do I know who I am through all the labels I have clung to?  How can I simply be me, what does that even look or feel like, and how is that, how am I, enough?   

Most of us travel in life wearing a label of I am not enough. Most often this label is hidden but it shows up in your emotions, your actions, your behaviors and what you reach for.  

I didn’t follow the path that said how can I be me?  I thought I was me. Instead, I followed an inner pull of what else is there?  

In that I discovered how I had hid myself, clung to other people’s authority and simply how I had muted myself in such a way I forgot who I was. 

I think we all feel this at some point or points in our lives. This internal navigation steering us onward.  

Our journeys lead us to learn or discover new ideas or feelings or higher perspectives which pull us, push us or invite us to create change.  

We will innately organically over time create transitions but I have found that when we step back to understand who we are under the baggage we have clung to or owned as our own we let go more quickly.  

What’s the point?  Life opens, we feel more free, more joyful, happier, our life unlocks to deeper meaning. We live wholly more purposefully while we are alive instead of skimming the surface and barely dipping our toes into this magical place we call Earth. 

What prevents you from self inquiry?  What stops you from discovering more for yourself of yourself beyond a rigid structure of societal norms that are limiting and that will remind you of the facade that you are not enough?

And of  course you are enough. You have always been enough and you always will be.  

Who do you wish to believe?  Information that limits and diminishes you or that lifts you and invites you into your empowerment?  

I honor your journey.  

With love,