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Hero's Journey

Whether we are aware or not, we all are on our own hero’s journey. It arises with a nudge or feeling that questions in some way, is this it or what else is there? It shows up in our joys but most often in the discomforts we have, the heaviness we carry or pretend to not hold. Smile and keep going only works for so long. How many of us are really good at “sucking it up buttercup” only to know from somewhere within something doesn’t feel right? Most of us aren’t taught discernment or to ask ourselves what we want or what’s our why. No, we are taught to reach and gain and sacrifice, ignore the discomforts from within. However, if we were truly in balance with our wholeness we would find there isn’t any sacrifice. That we don’t have to fight for what we want and that we are only to receive life with ease.

We are all very good at the dance we’ve created. Pleasing others, numbing ourselves, not listening to what our mind, body, emotions, are really telling us. We forget we have this amazing navigation systems within us. However, we do see it at times when we can’t take it anymore, or feel so immensely that something has to change. Usually this is from our flight mode, the survival push.

We are such fascinating beings. I’m shown through my own life, with clients and simply connecting with Spirit, that even if we aren’t utilizing our fullness we have these aspects that push us to create change, to experience what we have signed up to experience. Often this really isn’t about the story or the materialism. No, it dives far past those. It is about what we truly are here to comprehend. The story only moves your journey on. They are the vehicles we are choosing to drive to get to our understandings. And most often you hand the keys to another or a group or entity (like a job, etc). If you are merely a passenger how much influence do you really have over choices? Sure you can sit and look out the window or complain or mute yourself but inevitably you have given your power to another to make your decisions. How does that feel? 

We can’t change or truly understand how, for our unique self, until we understand with new perspectives.

Spirit can tell you about your future, but don’t you want to walk your path with empowerment and less focusing on will you get this or that, or will this happen or not? Instead know you are a Creator and trusting your inner knowing? You are the center of your world and Spirit and I are here to support you understand that in a way that you embody it. This can arrive for example as teachings, energetic healing, being shown your life from a birds eye view, or movement.

Yes, we can comprehend a concept, agree with it, but that doesn’t mean we live it.

Know yourself deeply beyond the stories and everything else falls into place .