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Channeled Message From My Guides
Life isn't all rosy and peachy but it can be better then it is now.  Working through what holds you back brings you to a peace, a clarity, a balance.  Yes, we stress being happy because that is what we want you to do however we understand that it's not easy to be happy all of the time. 
People, situations, your expectations get let down.  Life doesn't turn out the way you had hoped and you become sad and you become fearful and worry and hurt, pain.  So many emotions can describe how life can be for you. 
But we, we honor your life lessons and we are here to help you to guide you to get through the hurt and the pain and to get through the turmoil.  To remind you that you can have happiness in your life.  You can have the peace in your life.  It takes work, it takes work to come out, to get through the darkness in order to see the light.  Sometimes you get glimpses of the light, sometimes the light shines on you for a while and then something happens.  You get down, you don't get what you want, somebody does something wrong to you.  Pain happens, fear happens, worry happens.  But they do not need to stay. 
These are your lessons, getting through these emotions, working through them.  Accepting in this is how you feel right now, that is good.  Accept how you feel.  You do not have to like it, you do not have to embrace it, we just ask you to accept that is your first step.  Acceptance.
When you are at the point of acceptance you are more open to receiving the answers, to receiving the growth, to working through the shadows that need to be worked through and released in order to step forward.  To step forward to that happiness, to that light. 
At times you hold onto things for a very long while and when you hold onto them they are like chains that bind you to the past.  You no longer live in that past but you continue to hold those unwanting emotions. 
We are not telling you to forgive someone who has hurt you or forgive an incident so that they may be set free.  We are asking you to forgive what happened to you.  We ask you to forgive for yourself, not for the person, not for the situation.  So you accept, answers come to you to understand why this happened to you.  You were walking through your life perfectly fine then bam something bad happened, emotionally or whatever.  And now you carry that burden with you to this day. 
We say to you, release that burden it no longer serves you.  Accept this has happened to you, understand and see with compassion toward yourself, how, what happened to you brought you to where you are today. 
Maybe it helped you be more compassionate to others, maybe it helped so you protect others so they didn't have to experience the same thing, or maybe it helped you release what you don't want.  But something came out of that.  We ask that you look and you see with non judgemental nonblaming eyes.  That you see with wonder, that you see with curiosity.  We ask that you be open and see what you find, see how that incident, those incidences have brought you to where you are today.  A better person. 
You are ready to release the judgment, the blame, the anger.  See what that incident has brought to you, accept it, forgive that this has happened to you.  Understand why it happened to you and step forward releasing those chains that no longer hold you back, that no longer bind you.
These things happen in order for you to learn, to grow, to become the person you are here to be.  The lessons are not easy, some of them are a lot harder then others.  But you did not sign up for anything that you could not handle.  Do you see you got through that?  Do you see that you are stronger then you thought?  You endured the pains and here you are now.  Here you are - a glorious, amazing soul that we honor. 
Allow the light to shine on you, in you and through you.  The light of the love, the light of Spirit, the love of your Guides.  We are not saying the releasing is like a light switch.  You accept, you understand why and you release.  It's a process.  Sometimes it takes longer then others. 
But you release, we ask you to speak, write, paint your emotions from that incident.  We are not asking you to relive that incident just see the emotions that you still feel about what occurred and write about it or paint about it or speak about it to The Universe, to your Guides.  Not necessarily to someone.  Please don't hold back your sentences; the painting doesn't need to make any sense.  Just release them, release them like you are speaking to that person that person to the incident, to the person that caused you pain and anger.  Yell it to the trees.  They will absorb the energy and recycle it.  Yell it to the world, to the moon, the sun, they are all energies awaiting to receive what you need to release in order to move forward.  Write it.  You may have to write it several times.  You may get through one paper and a day later you need to write another one.  Just write it out and burn it.  Ask your Guides to help take away this burden that has empowered you for so long.  That has held power over you. 
Take back who you are.  Take back the amazing soul that you are.  The releasing is done between you and Spirit, you and your Guides, you and The Universe, you and nature.  Releasing the energy is what is important.  Then it no longer has control over you.  It no longer holds you back .  
Then, step forward in gratitude and in love. 
It's a process as we have explained.  The process of accepting, forgiving, releasing and stepping forward.  Once you have this, you will see how life changes, life is better for you. 
We also want to be real and we want to say once you release this something else may come up.  Just work through it the same way.  And know that you are stepping towards a complete you, a loving you, a more connected with Spirit you.  The peace grows, the peace will grow inside.  The peace where you can have chaos around you but your heart center is balanced and it releases love.  When you come from this heart center, your choices are different, how you see people are different.  It is an amazing amazing moment, moments to be in. 
You chose this path for a reason.  Your soul choose this path for a reason. You have to remember your soul knows everything.  Your soul already knows, your soul choose this knowing you can handle what has been brought to it.  It already has the tools to overcome and move past these lessons we like to call them.  You only need to be open, ready to change, ready to grow, we should say.  Ready to embrace the love and allow the love that surrounds you in.  Release the negative emotions that hold you back from a time where you no longer exist in. 
You have now, you have this moment. You have free will.  You will either choose to work through it or not but if you are at this point - ready, questioning, you have the gut feeling, we should say, that you really want to release this, you are at the point, you are at the step to release it.  You are ready.
We are here.  Be proud of who you are, be proud of where you've come from, be proud of what you've endured.  Be proud.  We ask, that you do not hide in your past.  You are not your past, you are not your lessons.  You are the soul, growing, learning, relearning, remembering.  So you may walk this path with love and shine that on others.
The Guides