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Where Are Your Thoughts???
Putting your thoughts on what you want and not on things you don't is a very big topic these days.   And it's not just about material things, it's about happiness, love, peace, etc.
Have you tried this yet?  Any success? 
Sometimes this concept is not easy to do along with keeping it up on a continual basis.  Plus if we are engrossed in what is going on in our life, it's even harder to attempt this thought process.
What I've found.....
Firstly, I've discovered I have to get into a space where my mind is taken away from the worry or anguish.  What I have found helpful, and you may too, is to find what will take my mind to the clearing place,  where my mind can just be at peace.  This could be gardening, painting, running, dancing, listening to music, anything where my mind can get in tune with what I'm doing.  This, for me, automatically releases the worry, maybe not completely but for a time so I can direct my energy to something else.
Secondly, once I'm in this space, I imagine what I want, I day dream in a sense.  Also, importantly is to feel into that day dream.  Feel that you already have what you want, feel the joy, the calmness, the excitement  of this. 
This process elevates your vibrational energy.  It creates a message to The Universe saying this is what I'd like.  The vision is one thing, however, adding the feeling will put the message over the top. The Universe will respond. 
Once I'm in the space of imagining, I dwell there.  I allow my creativity to take me further into the image, feeling the whole way.  Stay in this space as long as you can.  You'll find that over time it will be easier to stay in this place longer. 
I have found once I do this, the worrying subsides.  I also know that I have to TRUST and BELIEVE that The Universe will answer my request.  I also need to know that I am WORTHY of this request.  And then I thank The Universe for this amazing gift that it has rearranged itself for me. 
I am a worrier, so trying to "live" in what I want is difficult for me, however it is NOT impossible. 
I'd love to hear what you found when you tried this or what other techniques you use.  Email me at
In Love and Gratitude,
Susan and the Guides