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Initially I wasn’t asking, are my chakras open or who is my spirit guide or even what’s the deeper meaning to life? No, I was asking how am I going to pay my rent, will there be love, what about health or my kids? I was in survival mode and maybe you are too. This can appear in many ways. Maybe it’s with money or relationship or health or something else. The thoughts about, will it get better, how can I manage this, what more do I need to do to make changes, rule.

We don’t all search for deeper meaning in life although that is simply what we uncover. I have found as we travel to help ourselves beyond the ego, through finding peace within the chaos, being in those uplifting moments even if brief we inevitably breakthrough the layers of turmoil and we connect to the inner self. That place of inner peace. That place of reminder that there is more and life will change even if we can’t see the how.

Something within drives us. Steers us to act differently, leave situations despite any fears, we can’t take it anymore. I know from my own life as well as working with many from around the world that the simplest thing we can do to strengthen our inner calm, to create changes beyond rigid plans is to spend alone time in quiet. To take the simple deep exhales, to sit with nature or gentle music or to create. These present moments to help shift our energy, help us get out of our own way and allow change to occur more naturally.

We are taught we must conquer and control but that’s not how I understand how the Universe, God, Creator, The All That Is works. Connecting to the expansive quiet, to Spirit, to the unseen I am shown something completely different. We can spin our wheels trying to gain and reach and attack or we can learn to be in the expansiveness that we are to shift with flow and more ease.

It’s such a great distraction, isn’t it? Being directed to basically chase your tail rather than be in stillness, receive the highest direction and proceed. I invite you to imagine this image, one of a dog chasing its tail. What do you notice? Perhaps how it doesn’t go anywhere and eventually will tire itself out and have no energy for community or joy or anything else. The next image is a person standing in her own power, firm on her feet, looking around. She’s observing what she is shown, what she feels or senses, she notices how things are working or not. She is able to take an action that is of the highest choice, the one that lifts her and moves her forward. And she is also energized, not giving any power or being drained by battles. Her energy stays with her. She can be in compassion and understanding of others but doesn’t need to drown in the sorrows but can rather support others in lifting from them.

We get to choose our steps in this life. Even if we feel so overwhelmed or hopeless or stuck. You are never stuck but that space is one of invitation to step back, find inner peace even for moments and look. For the answers aren’t in changing the other but in how you are navigating yourself from the depths of within.

You are here to be a unique powerful being. And that really has nothing to do with stance, status, accumulation or ego. It has to do with your souls journey to be here as your most powerful self. You offer us all so much.

Find a way to move from the dramas and turmoils. Not to solve the problems although that will be what unfolds. But to find your exhales, your presence, your moments of unattachment from all that you feel is lacking or all that you reach for. When we discover our presence inevitably life unfolds more gently, more expansively, more lovingly and more powerfully.

We have listed a few options to discover this space within. There are also others that may offer you support or guidance, perhaps creating a yoga or breath practice, journal writing, gardening, sound or nature bathing. There are so many choices, we only list a few.

You are here to BE more than what and where you are now. As Rumi stated, “everything in the Universe is within you” and “we seek outside the wonders we carry inside us.”

May you discover your greatest destiny as you walk on Mother Earth.

Blessings and love,