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Can you feel the love around you?
Does everyone need to go through a near death or tragic experience in order to feel the unconditional love all around them from God / Source / The Universe? 
My answer to that is NO. 
I want you to know that you don't HAVE to have that life threatening wake up call in order to experience the unconditional love.  How do I know this?  I'm living proof.   
God / Buddha / The Universe, Source's love is always around us.  We are just too busy or have blocks - fears, doubts, worry or lack of confidence to feel it.  As I started to work through my blocks, I became one with my soul, I discovered an inner peace and I felt the unconditional love that is everywhere. 
There is no judgment in this unconditional love.  There is no race, no color, no status or religion - these things we are taught and learned. 
We all are amazing, magnificent souls. 
Loving ourselves, valuing ourselves and being our own best friend opens us up to feel that love from Spirit. 
Trust in your own magnificence. 
Spirit and I can help you work through your blocks so you may more easily feel the love that is around you.  That pure, unconditional love. 
In love and gratitude always,
Susan and the Guides