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A Channeled Message From My Guides

The day has come for you to take flight.  Step into your power and no longer allow others to control you.   There is a distinction between control and worry with someone.  Your choices create what you allow.  You say yes but I am in a not happy relationship or job.  Yes, I choose this but it has changed, gotten worse.  I ask you what has changed?  We grow, sometimes that is with a job or person and sometimes it is away from them.  Sometimes we grow toward burying who we are.  Loosing ourselves to our circumstances.
But please know there is hope.  There is always a way out if you must say.  We say there is always a way to happiness.  When blame, judgment, fear is set aside, we do not say removed because those emotions do not just go away like a switch of light.  They need to be worked through, the depths on which they linger for you need to be understood and cleared.  Work needs to be done.  So as you set aside this blame and judgment for one moment.  Be open to receive. 
You can do this - take three slow deep breaths inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Sit for a moment and release the judgment, the blame and just BE. 
You will receive another option, a different choice or choices, perhaps that you can make, or reassurance; you may receive the guidance, the message you need that will help you choose a different path then what you are on now.
 Even if you believe you are in a situation that can't be changed, please know it can or rather you can.
You are the change you wish to see.  You are the magic.  You are the hopes, the dreams, the thoughts that choose.
Know you are worthy.  You are the soul that desires more and you are worthy of this.  You are deserving of love, of unconditional love.  Your past does not define you.  Your past has brought you to where you are this moment.  This moment is what counts.  Believe in yourself.  Love yourself.  Do not look back, start in this moment and take a step.
We are with you, walking beside you, behind you and guiding the way.  We surround you.  We wish only for your happiness.
Ask us to help you - we will show you we are there.  All you have to do is be in the moment to notice the signs - the subtle signs.  You will know the signs because they will resonate with you.  You may not understand but in time you will. 
We hold your hands, we embrace you, we lift you as you go.
Let's partner together to move forward.  Just ask us to help and be grateful  for what comes. 
Everything happens for a reason. 
In love and gratitude,
The Guides