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As I sit with mother nature, amongst the trees, flowers and birds singing, it is the peace and calm, the stillness that reminds me of what I seek. 
There is so much hustle and bustle in this world.  People chasing their dreams, other people and or material things.  Forgetting to live in the moment - the moment where if we stop and just BE that we will find our dreams sooner. 
When one chases things, one misses out on what's in front of them.  If, for example, you wonder about the possibility of meeting someone at a club later and your vision is set to the future, you might miss the smile from the guy or gal across from you.  Chasing money, you may miss the true value in life - people.  If one is too busy trying to find or get money, one misses out on the people in their life.  There's no time for them because you have to get the money.  Then you'll realize when it's just about at the end of life that one should have cherished the conversations, the laughter, the love with people instead of chasing the money.  Was the money really worth missing out on the connection with someone?? 
Yes, there is balance.  We understand bills need to be paid.  However, when one purses because of lack there will always be lack. 
Our message here is to BE in the moment.  This may be difficult, when you are concerned with what you need, what you need to do.  But life will flow easier if you enjoy the moment. 
Understand what we mean now.  Understand this means being present, not being concerned with thirty minutes from now or your phone or the TV.  You'll find, in doing this, you'll hear more, you'll understand more, you'll see more - life is easier.  So much is lost when you aren't in the moment, when you don't hear all that is said or done because your minds our elsewhere.
We challenge you, just for today to be present in the moment.  You can do this!!!  See how life is better - different - more worthwhile.
In love and Gratitude,
Susan and the Guides