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Your Authentic Self

The more I learn, the more I am aware of the invitaion we all have to become our authentic selves.

However, we are very used to taking courses or following programs to get to a result but how many of those invite us into our own interpretations? How many suggest we add our own medicine to the learnings?

I find as I continue deep diving in my own curiosities this awareness grows and grows. When I began my inward journey of greater self discovery I wasn't asking who am I. No, I was, firstly, following pulls I felt. Pulls of what is this, what does this person do? With this I then was signing up for every class. While I was doing all of this I wasn't asking what is my true interpretation of this? I didn't ask who or what am I in this practice? Instead I was following the guidelines given.

In retrospect, I see where this type of question was being asked. The quietness within me was signaling for me to pay attention.

When I first started learning tarot I focused on each symbol and read all the literature of the cards but something wasn't right. Something didn't feel right to me. I didn't see how the learned way was a gauge of sorts and I was to allow my own way of reading the cards to birth. So when I did do it "my way" instead of embrassing it I left the cards and moved onto other things. I was too much in my head that I was doing it wrong so I moved on.

I was drawn to understanding energetic healing and Reiki came into my awareness. I learned from many amazing teachers and became a Master Teacher myself however it wasn't enough for me and again I didn't ask myself how do I utilize this modality. How do I mix who I am with this medicine?

On a side note, I am not bashing either of these modalities. I'm pointing out my experience with them because they are popular things to learn these days. So if you choose to learn them - do it! You'll get so much out of them. But don't forget to include your interpretation. It's like everyone is given the same coat and when they put it on it fits everyone differently. This is the same concept with learning. We see how something feels, how it fits us, and we utilize it our way or we don't.

As I have become a mesa carrier, exanded my learnings with plant spirits, sound and light languages I am shown more strongly that I, like you, are conduits for a greater Source. A conduit to be your true state of being, your authentic self. All the classes and such are guidelines to utilize and also find ourselves in them. Like a buffet, we sample this and that. We hold onto more of this then that. We inevitably are creating or really remembering our own medicine. Our uniqueness in our unique beingness.

I implore you as you learn, whether that be from a class, a book or a person remember you are at the buffet and you get to decide what is your medicine. Oh and by the way, it won't be that structure. No, it will be flowing and expansive and lifting.

Discover who you are in every equation you enter yourself in.

Love and blessings to you beautiful one.