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· Iona,Scotland,self love,clairvoyant,psychic

This picture fully represents my trip to Scotland.

Beyond the typical tourist spots we ventured beyond to unknown remote places and it was in these less trampled areas I connected deeply. In these spaces we are invited to connect to the plants, the trees, the wind, the rain, sun and to the quietness of our inner being.

I am more aware that the spoken language of wisdom is fading, the teachings that have been a way of life, but if they aren’t placed into a book or talked about often they go unremembered. I am also more aware of that question that has been leading my inward journey for so long. The question of - what else is there? In this question I and you are asked to sieve through opinions, thoughts, beliefs that don’t resonate, that don’t lift us. In this question we are asked - who am I beyond what I have been told or taught?

It is easy to link to what someone says but do you do any discernment? I didn’t for so long. Even in the “spiritual” community I have accepted what another says without discerning it for myself. I am not saying what another says is wrong but it is important to not just agree but know deeply it is your truth.

These past two weeks, the spirit of Scotland, her love, her prosperity, her understanding, her patience, her occupants have held me as I have staggered along questioning everything.

I have become more clear on who I am which I think is an ongoing discovery. I have found gratitude for the earth, the unseen, for all the opportunities and people that have come and gone and stayed in my life for they teach me as well.

When I travel I am reminded my guidance team always knows what they are doing. The other pilgrims and guide on this trip were safe, comfortable, kind, understanding, wisdom sharers, they felt like home.

I felt so held in my opening and releasing.

How often are we able to walk along a path and hear the stones talk to us, to pick wild raspberries or bilberries to eat, to hear the wind speak to us? To play with and discover cleavers and her medicines? And so many more. The earth and elements are there for us and offers us so much.

I am also reminded that we can hear a story, go into the area and use that as a filter for what we feel or decide. Go into a battlefield of long ago hearing the brutality that occurred and with that filter you may feel sadness, anger or something else. I have learned to go deeper than the story, to feel, to listen, to observe. I am always shown love. Love is under it all. Love is like that hum that is under everything and when one can venture into the quietness it is felt expansively.

We are all pilgrims. The landscape may look different for you and me but we are all really walking the same path.

With love,