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Thoughts...Inner Child

· inner child,self reference,go inward,courage,intuitive

What if healing your inner child was to simply remember who you are?

Why does it seem like we have to fight to heal or love our wounded self? The self that didn’t know, the self that wasn’t taught to understand or process or move through? The self that withdrew or learned to protect by shutting down or closing off or becoming a chameleon.

Why does it have to be an internal battle? All the emotions and thoughts that arise through fear or doubt or betrayal or abandonment or missing out that don’t feel good.

What if we stepped back from the stories not to dishonor them or ourselves but to gain clarity through our own inner wisdom? What if we learned how to understand ourselves, how we tick on a deeper level and what part of us is the loudest in our creations?

Would you even be open to this or have you got accustom to the lows and highs? The patterns. Would you open to at least understand how you can help yourself, what tools you have or how another can assist you?

I “see” a great deal through clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, through touch or smell or emotion and with this I am shown the workings of your soul, of life of the Oneness.

My understandings have arrived through my own life but also through whomever I speak with. It doesn’t turn off. Spirit is like the assist informing me of how you and life works. How we can create, connect, change and live to our fullest potential.

The image is as if you’re driving and right in front of you is an accident scene. You have choices because you perhaps have paused, took note of all the moving parts, saw all your options (wait, go to the left or right or do nothing) and then proceeded forward.

Most of the time we are too busy in reaction mode of sorts to even see all the other options or to really take moments to center ourselves and comprehend our inner navigation. Why are we creating this or that? What are we trying to gain beyond the surface?

How do we do this? Find your exhale. It may look different than another’s. Connect to nature. Yes, that may sound like a cliché but it works.

I don’t share anything that I haven’t experienced in some way. There are so many saying or suggesting do this or that even trying to lead you through fear. I’m not saying don’t, I’m suggesting to have more empowerment when you do say yes. And that, dear one, takes understanding the self. The bigger self, the All That You Are, your essence.

May you walk the path less traveled, feel and know you are held, and receive all the joys and blessings that shower you.