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The Past

· self love,psychic,wisdom

When the past comes knocking at our door do we run, hide, do nothing or open it? Do we lash out with the emotions we have held onto for so long or do we listen to understand why it is here? Do we run and continue to push the past beneath the surface? Do we allow all that arises from within to heal? For the past comes knocking to help us let go and transmute and whether we close the door or we venture to hear or see what else, of course is all up to us.

Often we continue with our lives thinking all that has occurred is done, finished, but if there is more to experience, if there is more to comprehend then at an ideal time unbeknownst to us it shows back up. For life is a spiral.

This is a sign we have done some work, we are a different person, we are ready to understand more, perhaps take a different action whether we want to or not.

I ask myself, what does this door I opened have to show me? It is of course about the self and at first I feel the pains of muting me. Not just with this door but with many. Not listening to the feelings within that had said clearly no, you don’t wish to do this, you are choosing for the other and not yourself. Many many times I have done this.

But that feeling within that has only gotten louder over time I have learned to listen to.

With my initial self judgment and disappointment in myself arises gratitude. For I am truly not the muted chameleon I once was and neither are you.

I thank the past for showing up. For I may have understood this all in my mind but there is so much more power with the self when we can comprehend with our bodies and emotions. A healing occures because we are ready to step feeling more free within ourselves.

As I, we, navigate forward with the information the past has brought we have inner power to walk away, to grieve, to allow more or to just be and see what else.

May you step forward utilizing the past as stepping stones and not anchors.

In honor and love for your journey,