• What is your life here to teach you?


    Sometimes the most important lessons bring forth difficult initiations. These challenges can open new doors if we have the courage to walk through them. I am here to guide you into the self-mastery of your mind, body and spirit. I harness the power of shamanism, energy, somatic therapies, sound healing, ceremony and plants to help you unlock your own wisdom and inner guidance system. My clients come to me for answers and leave embodied and empowered as they learn to connect with the truth inside themselves.


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    My journey has been about removing labels, perhaps that’s why there’s not just one word for what I do. I am a multidimensional channel for truth, your truth. I see, feel, hear, know and communicate with spirit. I have always been clairvoyant receiving messages from my guides. Knowing, however, was one thing. Trusting the calling took courage. For so long I hid my true gifts until I could no longer ignore the signs in my life that showed me I had deviated off course. I knew there was more to life than I was experiencing and when I was ready to listen that’s when everything shifted. Read more


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