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    One on One sessions: My services include 1:1 sessions in person (in the San Diego area) and online in which you will be guided and fully supported. What will we do together? No two sessions are alike. That’s because each person has a unique energetic imprint and path. I use earth-based rituals to extract the emotional and physical root of your conflict and replace it with divine light. Together we tap into spirit for wisdom and then develop a blueprint for integrating these messages into your life.


    Ceremonies Life is the ceremony. If you are in the San Diego area, subscribe to my email list for invitations to join an upcoming ceremony or reach out so we may create one for you and or your group. All sacred offerings and blessings, whether fire, moon, home, water, earth, life and or death, to name a few, are an honoring and a communion with ourselves and life.


    Classes: Master your own power as the healer of your life.


    Earth Magick: A gathering of one or more to learn how everything is a relationship and how we can partner with herbs, plants, oils, oracle, tarot and sound to expand our awareness and our community. When we are in relationship with life, everything, we feel supported, nurtured and life flows like a gentle breeze.


    Spiritual Tours - I offer multiple ways to support you. In travel whether that be creating sacred journeys or accompanying you on a tour already created. As a channel I am able to assist you in soul connecting to sacred sites or any space, to understanding yourself and the messages you receive, and to aide in your integration.



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