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My Thoughts....

Spiritual guidance is an amazing, sacred thing.  Being able to tap into the Creator,  the Universe, the energy - this energy.  This love is here to help you.

I've had lessons in life and I understand that sometimes we question if there was a God why did this happen to me?  We can delve into questions like that or we can work together (me, my guides, your guides) and show you a higher understanding of your life, find clarity of your questions, issues and dilemmas.  I've found at times even our loved ones that have left the physical body come through to help provide information, closure, growth. 

Please only work with us if you would like to see results.  You need to be willing to put the wisdom into action.  You can not change without action. 

I am not perfect, I do not claim to be perfect and like I said, I have had many lessons in this life, but I choose to take action, to move beyond what I see as limitations, I choose to expand who I am because I felt that "nudge," the whisper of "there is more."

Are you ready to follow your nudge?  Are you willing to take responsibility for yourself?

We look outside ourselves for the answers, from parents, friends, etc. to fill a void, to tell us what to do.  I did this most of my life, however as I walk this path the answers become clearer and clearer from inside.

Why do we do this?  Because we are raised to fit into someone else's box and if we don't we're wrong.

What would happen if you knew and could feel that there is so much love around you from Spirit, that you have your own Guide Team working with you to help you walk your path?

What different choices would you make? 

Having that peace, that comfort, that higher energy on your side.  All the answers are within you.  We doubt ourselves because we are taught to look outside ourselves for fulfillment, for the answers. 

Spirit, the Guides, are here to help you find the answers within yourself and as you work with them you will find a peace within yourself and feel their love.

The journey for inner peace and transformation is about finding the peace and comfort within ourselves and to not seek the Band-Aid outside of us.

Are you ready to take a step with us?