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June 2, 2015 Blog

Spirit, God, The Universe, Buddha, Source, your Higher Power, whatever you call it, is always there working with you, helping you. Sometimes it's easier to see in hindsight how we are helped.
And then we realize more so how everything happens for a reason.

For a family trip, we usually drive straight from San Diego to Lake Havasu. (About a 7 hour drive). This time, for no real reason we decided to leave a day earlier and stop at a friends cabin in Big Bear Lake. It wasn't until we got to our destination that we realized if we would have driven a little further we would have lost a tire if not two from the trailer because of lack of grease or something (sorry I'm not the mechanic, but I do know it could have gotten BAD).

We had complained about the weather on our drive - raining, thick fog but in hindsight if it was sunny and warm the tire situation would have gotten uglier quicker.  Yes, we had a problem to fix, however, we were at a home, with tools, found parts at a local store and had the time to fix it.

I am thankful for everything we received yesterday.  Although the situation wasn't perfect and yes it was an inconvenience.  In hindsight, was it really?  It could have been so much worse - stuck in really hot weather on the side of the freeway.

Life is how you look at it. We could have wallowed in poor me thoughts but why? It would have been of no help. So instead we choose to see the glorious work of Spirit.

Where has Spirit helped you?