• Awake and Aware Tours and Retreats

    What is Awake and Aware travel and retreats?

    Sacred travel and retreats are an invitation to immerse yourself through a journey of wonder and transformation, a journey that invites you to open your heart, mind, and spirit to new possibilities and new insights.


    We step with the intent to explore and discover ourselves through other places, spaces and time.


    I have been traveling and connecting to sacred lands since I was six years old and have developed so much passion for travel and containers held for discovery. I see so much value in sharing wonderful places on the earth, supporting you and your experiences. For I have found there is so much depth in connection within ourselves and each other when we visit Sacred Sites, when, for example, we touch ancient stones, stand in places that originated from the stars, drink healing waters, connect to the plants and trees and immerse ourselves in places of Divine prayers or when we allow ourselves the connection of community and being supported in love and understanding.

    We can learn from other cultures, taste the foods from the lands and interconnect with the people we gain wisdom not only of history but how these spark a remembering and a knowing within ourselves.

    We remember ourselves.


    You are the sacred site, the wide expansive land, the waters you bathe in, the fire you commune around and the plants you eat. Why not adventure and be unearthed? Why not give yourself the time to stay at a retreat space to unearth more of you?


    I offer you support, guidance, ceremony, discovery, connection and the openess to explore.

    Through laughter and wisdom we are elevated and directed through each moment.


    I invite you into experiencing yourself through travel. Through lands near and far, other cultures and foods and people. You'll experience laughter, heart opening and once in a lifetime adventures.




    Egypt Great Pyramid
    Egypt Great Pyramid
    Egypt Great Pyramid
    Egypt Great Pyramid